1. 29 Nov, 2016 2 commits
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      T: bugfix: lock required · 86039424
      Cédric Roux authored
      When the user clicks on "next UE" or "prev UE" we change the
      filters of loggers.
      At the same time, the main thread of enb.c processes events
      received from the soft-modem and uses the filters, some of them
      maybe in the process of being changed.
      Changing the filters is not atomic and has to be protected.
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      T: add a trace for PHICH · c03f13c0
      Cédric Roux authored
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      hotfix: correct PHICH generation · 64615dcc
      Cédric Roux authored
      The PHICH generation is wrong.
      HARQ process X is uplink scheduled at TTI n.
      At TTI n+4 the eNB receives the data.
      At TTI n+8 the eNB sends ACK/NACK on the PHICH.
      The problem is that PHICH generation is done after scheduling.
      And PHICH generation uses "first_rb" and "n_DMRS" to compute
      "ngroup_PHICH" and "nseq_PHICH".
      So at TTI n+8 if the eNB has reused the HARQ process X for
      a new uplink scheduling the values "first_rb" and "n_DMRS"
      may have changed.
      We need to use the previous values.
      One solution would have been to do PHICH generation before
      scheduling. The problem is that "generate_phich_top" does more
      than PHICH generation. It has to setup parameters to sort of
      "emulate" a DCI0 in case of retransmission scheduled without
      DCI0. So part of it has to be done after scheduling. We would
      have to split the function.
      The simple adopted fix is to store old values of "first_rb"
      and "n_DMRS" and use those values in "generate_phich_top".
      This fix has only been tested with FDD. TDD may miserably fail.
  8. 16 Nov, 2016 1 commit
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      hotfix: turbo decoder should not fail if CRC is 0 · f116a10d
      Cédric Roux authored
      The case of a CRC == 0 is legal.
      After discussion with Raymond, it is also possible to have all
      bits at 0 (and so a CRC==0) if there is no transmission and thus
      not much energy.
      So this hotfix may introduce new problems (false decoding).
      A future work is to handle this case properly by not calling the
      turbo decoder if there is not enough energy received.
      The problem might manifest itself more in the UE part, especially
      when it tries to decode MIB and/or SIB (if I understood correctly).
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