1. 08 Mar, 2018 5 commits
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      more NB-IoT integration · da50d68b
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      add a stop_rf function in the RU · 96380582
      Cedric Roux authored
      When the program exits it has to stop the streaming of the USRP.
      The function exit_fun is supposed to do that. When quitting with
      control+c (very common case) this function is not called. The
      code is very unclear there, so let's add a stop_rf in the RU,
      as there is already a start_rf.
      If we don't call trx_end_func, then at the next run the USRP
      device may be in an unstable state and behave improperly.
      If the program crashes then the USRP device may be in an
      unstable state. The only solution to this problem is to reset
      the USRP device.
      Maybe there is a way to clean the state of the device when we
      open it, before we start using it. Sort of a cleanup before
      use. That could be a better solution to "bad state after program
      What has been tested:
      - monolithic eNB only
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      cleanup - remove unnecessary calls to get_cpu_freq_GHz · 5a61f994
      Cedric Roux authored
      The one in lte-enb.c disrupts the realtime. Using a B200mini with
      20MHz bandwidth leads to the UE unable to connect for it seesms like
      the UL and DL are not properly time synched because of this sleep
      of one second that happens after the USRP streaming has started.
      We see some random access attempts but the decoded preamble is
      This may be dependant on the setup. I had sporadic errors with
      a B210, where sometimes the UE could connect and sometimes not.
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