1. 21 Jun, 2018 3 commits
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      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop_integration_2018_w25' into develop · 59b31dbb
      Cedric Roux authored
      Summary of changes:
      - import work from Fujitsu:
          - multiple UEs
          - TDD configuration 1
      - several bugs fixed:
          - UE power changes
            this one introduces two new parameters in the configuration file,
            update yours! The new parameters are "puSch10xSnr" and "puCch10xSnr".
            See targets/PROJECTS/GENERIC-LTE-EPC/CONF/enb.band7.tm1.50PRB.usrpb210.conf
          - IQ replay module
          - use MAKE_VERSION(x,y,z) instead of RRC_VERSION
          - some UE fixes
      Some new problems may happen. The work from Fujitsu was huge
      and their branch diverged a lot from develop, leading to a very
      complex merge.
      The UE power management may also have an impact. It expects the noise
      level to be at around 30 (as seen in the enb T tracer, in the
      "input signal" view) and asks for an SNR of 20dB (value 200 for puSch10xSnr
      and puCch10xSnr in the configuration file). You may want to put a
      lower value, say 100 (SNR of 10dB). This is still work in progress
      and needs some more work (we need to calculate the noise level at
      runtime and not use a hardcoded value of 30).
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  2. 20 Jun, 2018 1 commit
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      fix: revert increasing size of MEM_MNGT_MB5_NB_BLOCKS · b6fd23ca
      Cedric Roux authored
      This commit reverts the change coming from
      On a test machine, running the basic simulator (both eNB, UE
      and T tracer) with 100 RBs eats too much of memory on a computer
      with 8GB of RAM, leading to a reboot because the computer
      was not responsive anymore.
      Other solutions are needed to solve the memory issues, but
      multiplying by 50 this number is not a good one, at least
      not in the basic mode of operation. If this value needs
      to be that big, a #ifdef #else #endif may be used.
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