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Integration branch 2022 wk 31 number 2:

MR !1624 NR PUCCH2 fix
MR !1627 fix for pusch dtx in phytest mode
MR !1634 Minor optimization in function init_symbol_rotation
MR !1637 gtp: small fix: set E if there is an extension header
MR !1641 Resolve AMF ip address using FQDN
delete files rxsigF0.m, txsig0.m, ldpctest_BG_1_Zc_384_rate_1-3_block_length_8448_maxit_5.txt
MR !1593 Reworking of BWP handling at MAC (initial MR)
MR !1652 fix for 3-digit MNC in asn1_msg.c