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Integration branch 2022 week 37:

MR !1618 update NR MAC/RLC/PDCP stats
MR !1639 NR handling of PHR (preliminary version)
MR !1676 make 5 MHz BW work in SA mode with OAI UE
MR !1687 quick fix for
MR !1688 fix bug gtp-u len and robustify the gtp-u receiver
MR !1691 Fix power calculation based on CSI-RS
MR !1692 nr rlc: fix in process_control_pdu()
MR !1693 Fix to support subscribing event from another thread
MR !1681 Build RHEL8 images on Openshift Cluster
MR !1595 Sanitize NSSAI configuration in the gNB conf file