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This release improves existing 5G support and adds various new features.

* 5G gNB
  - Add support for O-RAN 7.2 fronthaul interface
    (tested with 3 O-RUs: Benetel, LITEON, VVDN)
  - Add support for 2-layer UL MIMO
  - FDD interoperability with COTS UE
  - Compiles on ARM (through SIMDE)
  - Introduce E2 agent and basic support for E2SM-KPM and E2SM-RC
  - Add support for E1AP
  - Add support for multiple DUs and CU-UPs at one CU-CP
  - FR2 SA with OAI UE
  - Improve computational efficiency
* 5G UE
  - Cleanup in MAC and RRC towards support of 3rd-party gNB
  - FR2 SA with OAI gNB
  - Improve computational efficiency

Overall the stability is improved for the same resource usage.

There is basic FR2 support between OAI gNB and OAI nrUE. COTS UE
interoperability is under testing.

This release also includes many fixes and documentation updates.