[GITLAB] - UPGRADE TO v12 on Wednesday the 18th of December at 11.30AM

Commit 0a46cc56 authored by Younes Khadraoui's avatar Younes Khadraoui

fixed PRACH hardcoded size

parent 5c0f42a2
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@
// Packet sizes for IF4p5 interface format
#define DATA_BLOCK_SIZE_BYTES(scaled_nblocks) (sizeof(uint16_t)*scaled_nblocks)
#define PRACH_BLOCK_SIZE_BYTES (sizeof(int16_t)*PRACH_HARD_CODED_NUM_SAMPLES) // FIX hard coded prach size
#define RAW_IF4p5_PDLFFT_SIZE_BYTES(nblocks) (MAC_HEADER_SIZE_BYTES + sizeof_IF4p5_header_t + DATA_BLOCK_SIZE_BYTES(nblocks))
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