Commit 16bbb96d authored by Xenofon Foukas's avatar Xenofon Foukas

Added continuous update functionality in the MAC layer

parent 3ad4d26f
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......@@ -45,9 +45,6 @@
#include "enb_agent_common.h"
#include "enb_agent_extern.h"
/*Flags showing if a mac agent has already been registered*/
unsigned int mac_agent_registered[NUM_MAX_ENB_AGENT];
/* These types will be used to give
instructions for the type of stats reports
we need to create */
......@@ -72,14 +69,13 @@ typedef struct {
cc_report_type_t *cc_report_type;
} report_config_t;
typedef struct {
typedef struct stats_request_config_s{
uint8_t report_type;
uint8_t report_frequency;
uint16_t period; /*In number of subframes*/
report_config_t *config;
} stats_request_config_t;
int enb_agent_mac_handle_stats(mid_t mod_id, const void *params, Protocol__ProgranMessage **msg);
int enb_agent_mac_stats_request(mid_t mod_id, xid_t xid, const stats_request_config_t *report_config, Protocol__ProgranMessage **msg);
......@@ -104,10 +100,14 @@ int enb_agent_mac_destroy_sf_trigger(Protocol__ProgranMessage *msg);
/*Inform controller about received scheduling requests during a subframe*/
void enb_agent_send_sr_info(mid_t mod_id, msg_context_t *context);
void enb_agent_send_sr_info(mid_t mod_id);
/*Inform the controller about the current UL/DL subframe*/
void enb_agent_send_sf_trigger(mid_t mod_id, msg_context_t *context);
void enb_agent_send_sf_trigger(mid_t mod_id);
/// Send to the controller all the mac stat updates that occured during this subframe
/// based on the stats request configuration
void enb_agent_send_update_mac_stats(mid_t mod_id);
/*Register technology specific interface callbacks*/
int enb_agent_register_mac_xface(mid_t mod_id, AGENT_MAC_xface *xface);
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