[GITLAB] - UPGRADE TO v12 on Wednesday the 18th of December at 11.30AM

Commit 1de77c7a authored by Wilson's avatar Wilson

changed so USRP also uses the piece of codes EXMIMO is uing in setting TA=624 when it is TDD

(cherry picked from commit a75dbc4156ed4e216145f1deb81c6e04c1cddf02)
parent 12a304e6
......@@ -3163,7 +3163,7 @@ int main( int argc, char **argv )
UE[CC_id]->tx_power_max_dBm = tx_max_power[CC_id];
#ifdef EXMIMO
#if defined(EXMIMO) || defined(OAI_USRP) // 2016-04-27 wilson also set TDD N_TA_offset with USRP
if (UE[CC_id]->lte_frame_parms.frame_type == TDD) {
if (UE[CC_id]->lte_frame_parms.N_RB_DL == 100)
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