Commit 2d6dd02b authored by Cedric Roux's avatar Cedric Roux

bugfix: fix bad conflict resolutions from previous commits

Some more fixes for some bad conflict resolutions.

I ran:

    git diff 2018.w04 2018.w05

And saw some problems with config_sib2.

There was also something strange in openair2/LAYER2/openair2_proc.c
in the function dump_eNB_l2_stats. Maybe the fix is wrong for
this one. To be checked.
parent c0be5a12
This diff is collapsed.
...@@ -228,7 +228,9 @@ int dump_eNB_l2_stats(char *buffer, int length) ...@@ -228,7 +228,9 @@ int dump_eNB_l2_stats(char *buffer, int length)
eNB_id, eNB_id,
UE_list->eNB_UE_stats[0][UE_id].crnti,//UE_PCCID(eNB_id,UE_id)][UE_id].crnti, /* the following is suspicious, let's put back what was there before */
/*UE_list->eNB_UE_stats[0][UE_id].crnti,//UE_PCCID(eNB_id,UE_id)][UE_id].crnti, */
eNB->frame, eNB->frame,
eNB->subframe, eNB->subframe,
eNB_id); eNB_id);
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