[GITLAB] - UPGRADE TO v12 on Wednesday the 18th of December at 11.30AM

Commit 339905d1 authored by Mongazon's avatar Mongazon

Fix #582, OPENAIR1, NO_OPENAIR1 removed

parent da7a4a19
......@@ -628,7 +628,6 @@ add_boolean_option(LARGE_SCALE False "specific to oaisim: defines ma
add_boolean_option(LOCALIZATION False "???")
add_integer_option(MAX_NUM_CCs 1 "????")
add_boolean_option(MU_RECEIVER False "????")
add_boolean_option(OPENAIR1 True "????")
add_boolean_option(PHYSIM True "for L1 simulators (dlsim, ulsim, ...)")
add_boolean_option(PHY_CONTEXT True "not clear: must remain False for dlsim")
add_boolean_option(PHY_EMUL False "not clear: must remain False for dlsim")
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ set(OPENAIR_NFAPIINC $ENV{NFAPI_DIR} )
add_compile_options( -fPIC -march=native -Ofast)
......@@ -29,11 +29,7 @@
#include <stdint.h>
#ifndef NO_OPENAIR1
#include "PHY/defs.h"
#include "PHY/TOOLS/time_meas.h"
#define CRC24_A 0
#define CRC24_B 1
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