Commit 35c70578 authored by hongzhi wang's avatar hongzhi wang

UE nr pdcch update

parent c631c064
...@@ -326,11 +326,18 @@ int nr_pdcch_channel_estimation(PHY_VARS_NR_UE *ue, ...@@ -326,11 +326,18 @@ int nr_pdcch_channel_estimation(PHY_VARS_NR_UE *ue,
ch, ch,
dl_ch, dl_ch,
16); 16);
#ifdef DEBUG_CH
for (int m =0; m<12; m++)
printf("data : dl_ch -> (%d,%d)\n",dl_ch[0+2*m],dl_ch[1+2*m]);
pil+=2; pil+=2;
rxF+=8; rxF+=8;
dl_ch+=24; dl_ch+=24;
k+=12; k+=12;
for (pilot_cnt=3; pilot_cnt<(3*nb_rb_coreset); pilot_cnt+=3) { for (pilot_cnt=3; pilot_cnt<(3*nb_rb_coreset); pilot_cnt+=3) {
if (k >= ue->frame_parms.ofdm_symbol_size){ if (k >= ue->frame_parms.ofdm_symbol_size){
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