Commit 4acb50f9 authored by SAWADA Kentaro's avatar SAWADA Kentaro

ReFix Coverity Scan CID 340196 (Using uninitialized value prose_addr_len when calling recvfrom.)

parent a8bd28cc
......@@ -499,7 +499,7 @@ void pdcp_fifo_read_input_sdus_frompc5s (const protocol_ctxt_t *const ctxt_pP)
pdcp_t *pdcp_p = NULL;
//TTN for D2D (PC5S)
int prose_addr_len = 0;
int prose_addr_len = sizeof(prose_pdcp_addr);
char send_buf[BUFSIZE], receive_buf[BUFSIZE];
//int optval;
int bytes_received;
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