Commit 77b9ad2b authored by Robert Schmidt's avatar Robert Schmidt

Change type S1AP REG REQ: Pass Broadcast PLMN index for MME selection

parent a52156cf
......@@ -344,6 +344,8 @@ typedef struct s1ap_register_enb_req_s {
uint8_t nb_mme;
/* List of MME to connect to */
net_ip_address_t mme_ip_address[S1AP_MAX_NB_MME_IP_ADDRESS];
uint8_t broadcast_plmn_num[S1AP_MAX_NB_MME_IP_ADDRESS];
uint8_t broadcast_plmn_index[S1AP_MAX_NB_MME_IP_ADDRESS][PLMN_LIST_MAX_SIZE];
/* Number of SCTP streams used for a mme association */
uint16_t sctp_in_streams;
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