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Commit 9e86d7cb authored by tct-labo4's avatar tct-labo4

Adding bytes to bits conversion for polar encoder

parent a8458d31
......@@ -219,6 +219,7 @@ int nr_generate_pbch(NR_gNB_PBCH *pbch,
uint8_t nushift;
uint8_t *xbyte = pbch->pbch_a;
memset((void*) xbyte, 0, 1);
uint8_t pbch_a_b[32];
LOG_I(PHY, "PBCH generation started\n");
......@@ -281,6 +282,10 @@ int nr_generate_pbch(NR_gNB_PBCH *pbch,
printf("pbch_a_prime[%d]: 0x%02x\n", i, pbch->pbch_a_prime[i]);
for (int m=0;m<32;m++){
pbch_a_b[m] = ((pbch->pbch_a_prime[m/8]>>(m&7))&01);
//printf("pbch_a_b[%d] %d\n", m, pbch_a_b[m] );
/// CRC, coding and rate matching
polar_encoder (pbch->pbch_a_prime, pbch->pbch_e, &frame_parms->pbch_polar_params);
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