Commit b8ce24fe authored by Louis Adrien Dufrene's avatar Louis Adrien Dufrene

add changes to s1ap_eNB.c

parent 1c196a9e
......@@ -444,16 +444,22 @@ void *s1ap_eNB_task(void *arg)
return NULL;
* eNB generate a S1 setup request towards MME
static int s1ap_eNB_generate_s1_setup_request(
s1ap_eNB_instance_t *instance_p, s1ap_eNB_mme_data_t *s1ap_mme_data_p)
s1ap_eNB_instance_t *instance_p,
s1ap_eNB_mme_data_t *s1ap_mme_data_p)
S1AP_S1AP_PDU_t pdu;
S1AP_S1SetupRequest_t *out;
S1AP_S1SetupRequestIEs_t *ie;
S1AP_SupportedTAs_Item_t *ta;
S1AP_PLMNidentity_t *plmn;
uint8_t *buffer;
uint32_t len;
S1AP_S1AP_PDU_t pdu;
S1AP_S1SetupRequest_t *out = NULL;
S1AP_S1SetupRequestIEs_t *ie = NULL;
S1AP_SupportedTAs_Item_t *ta = NULL;
S1AP_PLMNidentity_t *plmn = NULL;
uint8_t *buffer = NULL;
uint32_t len = 0;
int ret = 0;
DevAssert(instance_p != NULL);
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