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Commit b9c823bc authored by Hongzhi Wang's avatar Hongzhi Wang

ue convert pdcch llr to double

parent 47afbdd9
......@@ -2934,7 +2934,7 @@ int32_t nr_rx_pdcch(PHY_VARS_NR_UE *ue,
avgs = 0;
for (aatx = 0; aatx < frame_parms->nb_antenna_ports_eNB; aatx++)
for (aarx = 0; aarx < frame_parms->nb_antennas_rx; aarx++)
......@@ -4146,8 +4146,10 @@ void nr_dci_decoding_procedure0(int s,
printf ("\t\t<-NR_PDCCH_DCI_DEBUG (nr_dci_decoding_procedure0)-> ... we enter function dci_decoding(sizeof_bits=%d L=%d) -----\n",sizeof_bits,L);
printf ("\t\t<-NR_PDCCH_DCI_DEBUG (nr_dci_decoding_procedure0)-> ... we have to replace this part of the code by polar decoding\n");
//&pdcch_vars[eNB_id]->e_rx[CCEind * 54]
for (int m=0; m < (nCCE[p]*6*9*2); m++)
polar_input[m] = (pdcch_vars[eNB_id]->e_rx[CCEind * 54+m]>0) ? (1.0):(-1.0);
nr_polar_init(nrPolar_params, NR_POLAR_DCI_MESSAGE_TYPE, sizeof_bits, L);
t_nrPolar_paramsPtr currentPtr = nr_polar_params(*nrPolar_params, NR_POLAR_DCI_MESSAGE_TYPE, sizeof_bits,L);
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