Commit c75c626b authored by Calvin HSU's avatar Calvin HSU

UE: Add Type0-PDCCH common search space & coreset calculation.

parent d2039b4c
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......@@ -144,14 +144,27 @@ typedef struct {
uint32_t sr;
} fapi_nr_uci_pdu_rel15_t;
typedef enum {
} coreset_cce_reg_mapping_type_t;
typedef enum{
} coreset_precoder_granularity_t;
typedef struct {
uint32_t frequency_domain_resource;
/// frequency_domain_resource;
uint32_t rb_start;
uint32_t rb_end;
uint8_t duration;
uint8_t cce_reg_mapping_type; // interleaved or noninterleaved
coreset_cce_reg_mapping_type_t cce_reg_mapping_type; // interleaved or noninterleaved
uint8_t cce_reg_interleaved_reg_bundle_size; // valid if CCE to REG mapping type is interleaved type
uint8_t cce_reg_interleaved_interleaver_size; // valid if CCE to REG mapping type is interleaved type
uint8_t cce_reg_interleaved_shift_index; // valid if CCE to REG mapping type is interleaved type
uint8_t precoder_granularity;
coreset_precoder_granularity_t precoder_granularity;
uint8_t tci_state_pdcch;
uint8_t tci_present_in_dci;
......@@ -72,11 +72,12 @@ typedef struct {
NR_MIB_t *mib;
/// Type0-PDCCH seach space coreset
uint32_t num_rbs;
uint32_t num_symbols;
uint32_t rb_offset;
fapi_nr_search_space_t type0_pdcch_ss;
uint32_t type0_pdcch_ss_mux_pattern;
float type0_pdcch_ss_big_o;
uint32_t type0_pdcch_ss_number_of_search_space_per_slot;
float type0_pdcch_ss_big_m;
uint32_t type0_pdcch_ss_first_symbol_index;
/// Type0-PDCCH seach space
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