Commit f39f321d authored by Yoshihiro Tomita's avatar Yoshihiro Tomita

Compiling error fix.

parent 6d97a735
......@@ -281,11 +281,11 @@ int esm_ebr_context_create(
"ifconfig oip%d %s netmask %s broadcast %s up && "
"ip rule add from %s/24 table %d && "
"ip rule add to %s/24 table %d && "
"ip route add default dev oip%d table %d && "
"ip route add default dev oip%d table %d",
ueid+1, ipv4_addr, netmask, broadcast,
ipv4_addr, 201,
ipv4_addr, 201,
ueid+1, 201, ueid+1);
ueid+1, 201);
} else {
res = sprintf(command_line,
"ifconfig oip%d %s netmask %s broadcast %s up && "
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