1. 08 Mar, 2018 1 commit
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      cleanup MAC PDU generation (plus some general cleanup) · 1a8d81ba
      Cedric Roux authored
      The code was very unclear and potentially buggy.
      This new version is more robust.
      We can waste up to 2 bytes because the last header in the MAC PDU
      does not contain a length field and when we request data from RLC
      we suppose a 3-bytes MAC header. This might be optimized at some
      point, but the benefit would be low.
      This commit also contains some general cleanup:
      - formatting
      - variables' types: let's use 'int' instead of trying to be clever
        by using small types that may generate bugs if the value is
        too big
      - remove 'tpc_accumulated' which was globally used for all UEs
        and has no purpose other than logging. We may want to rework
        a bit the TPC machinery at some point. As the code is today
        we may repeatedly send TPC over and over without caring about
        the 3GPP limits, in which case no one knows how the UE is
        supposed to behave: does it clamp the current max value or does
        it accumulate over and over and take the clamped value to compute
        its actual power? If we send a reverse TPC (reduce power instead
        of increase) does it do it immediately or does it have to decrease
        n+1 times if we previously ordered it to increase n times?)
      We do not address the problem of prioritizing LCIDs. As of today there
      is only one dedicated traffic channel (DTCH), so it's not a problem
      at this point.
      What has been tested:
      - monolithic eNB 5/10/20MHz with one cots UE, TCP/UDP UL/DL. At 20MHz the
        machine used was not capable of keeping up, generating lots of Us
        and Ls when the throughput reaches 60Mb/s. USRP B210 was used.
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      remove gcc warnings · f1e8bff3
      Cedric Roux authored
      phy_init_lte_ue_signal was renamed init_lte_ue_signal in openair1/PHY/INIT/defs.h
      maybe it's the opposite that should have been done?
      Functions used in one file and defined in another may have been
      declared in the wrong header file.
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      L1/L2 scheduling extensions for BL/CE operation, BR random-access procedure,... · ad98f5aa
      knopp authored
      L1/L2 scheduling extensions for BL/CE operation, BR random-access procedure, BR PRACH detection. Still untested, but compilation succeeds. Missing elements in L2 - PUSCH programming for Msg3, Msg4 retransmission programming for BL/CE. DLSCH/ULSCH programming for UE-specific DLSCH/ULSCH for BL/CE
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      RRC Rel14 · 4fcb6272
      Cedric Roux authored
      - import RRC ASN.1 defintions from the specifications
        (file openair2/RRC/LITE/MESSAGES/asn1c/ASN1_files/RRC-e10.asn)
        contrary to rel8/10, all modules have been imported, maybe it's too much
        to refine in case of problems
      - deal with rel14 in fix_asn1
      - all code that was for Rel10 is now for Rel10/Rel14
      - some incompatible changes (mostly in naming) were resolved in favor
        of rel14, see in openair2/RRC/LITE/defs.h
      - unsure about the rlc layer, some arrays have changed (values appended),
        I only changed the definition and in tests in the code, I changed
        the index limit, maybe it's not enough
      Rel14 is the default compilation mode.
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  30. 06 Jan, 2017 1 commit
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      fix incorrect PUCCH format causing no SR received by eNB in TDD · 2e7c28a5
      Wilson authored
      fix incorrect fss_pusch calculation
      fix the incorrrect HARQ-PID checking
      remove incorrect checking on downlink DCI HARQ PID value
      fix incorrect downlink ACK/NACK feedback procedures in TDD
      fix no activating PDSCH decoding when DL-DCI is indicating a downlink retransmission
      see issue #176
  31. 07 Dec, 2016 2 commits
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      hotfix: correct Msg3 ressource blocks reservation · 6bb69e19
      Cedric Roux authored
      The Msg3 ressource blocks used by random access procedure
      were not correctly handled. The MAC scheduler could wrongly
      allocate a ressource block for both random access Msg3 and
      a regular UE.
      This hotfix hopefully fixes the problem.
      A new function "set_msg3_subframe" has been added in the
      interface between PHY and MAC.
  33. 18 Nov, 2016 1 commit