1. 20 Jan, 2017 6 commits
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      fix: better creation of RNTI · 428c2212
      Cedric Roux authored
      The previous version was calling taus(), which
      may return any value in [0..65535].
      The new version restricts it to [1024..59999]
      (arbitrary values, big enough, and in the valid range).
      It also checks that the new RNTI is not already present
      in the MAC.
      I think we should also check that it's not used by a RA
      The "loop" thing may not be the best solution either.
      To be refined.
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      RA: fix allocation of RA process · c1fee624
      Cedric Roux authored
      A RA process is not available if
      and RA_template[i].wait_ack_Msg4 != 0
      We can have RA_active==FALSE and wait_ack_Msg4==1,
      in which case the RA process is in use and cannot
      be reassigned.
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      "fix" handling of UE_id in RA. · a5d5a21d
      Cedric Roux authored
      What if it's -1? Is it possible?
      We catch the case and abort.
      We may do a proper fix if the case happen.
      I don't think it will, but who knows...
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      attempting at fixing RRC · 89445da9
      Cedric Roux authored
      RRC does not work very well when one UE goes away and comes
      back in some situations.
      This commit is an attempt at making things work better.
      It is probably not the end of the story.
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      bugfix: logging was done after modification of values · c33afccb
      Cedric Roux authored
      It resulted in wrong log message, leading to complicated
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  2. 19 Jan, 2017 5 commits
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      remove printing of UE capabilities on stdout · 390085c3
      Cedric Roux authored
      Modern UEs have very long UE capabilities.
      It disrupts realtime behaviour of the modem.
      Let's put a simple log message indicating we got the
      UE capabilities.
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      hack to avoid zombie UEs in the MAC layer · 5933f218
      Cedric Roux authored
      Here is the problem:
          Sometimes the UE has no PHY context but
          is still present in the MAC with 'ul_failure_timer' = 0 and
          'ul_out_of_sync' = 0. It seems wrong and the UE stays there forever. Let's
          start an UL out of sync procedure in this case.
          The root cause of this problem has to be found and corrected.
          In the meantime, this hack...
      This has to be redone at some point.
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      hack in RLC AM to avoid a race · 38b38779
      Cedric Roux authored
      Here is the problem:
          UE comes. SRB2 is configured via message to RRC.
          At some point the RLC AM is created but not configured yet.
          At this moment (I think) MAC calls mac_rlc_status_ind
          which calls this function. But the init was not finished yet
          and we have a crash below when testing mem_block != NULL.
      The "solution" is to test if rlc->input_sdus is NULL.
      This is a very dirty hack. I would say the solution
      is to use proper locking mechanism because RLC is used
      by two threads: PHY/MAC on one hand and RRC on another
      hand (I think).
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      remove annoying logging (dump_CCE_table) · 05d02c43
      Cedric Roux authored
  3. 18 Jan, 2017 1 commit
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      bugfix: reset DCI count before adding one · adbc609b
      Cedric Roux authored
      The management of uplink failure generates a DCI to send
      a RA PDCCH order. It calls add_ue_spec_dci which increases
      DCI_pdu[CC_id]->Num_ue_spec_dci, but this was reset to 0
      *after* the DCI generation. Let's reset *before*.
      Bug reported by Liang Yong on openair5g-user mailing list.
  4. 16 Jan, 2017 1 commit
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      fix the use of get_eNB_UE_stats · 67e53e72
      Cedric Roux authored
      The function may return NULL if the UE has been dropped
      in the PHY layer but is still present in the MAC layer.
      Deal with the NULL case everywhere it's needed.
  5. 12 Jan, 2017 2 commits
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      fix compilation of RRH GW · ab7a3e8e
      Cedric Roux authored
      I am not sure this is the correct solution.
      The problem seems to be that the RRH GW does not use ITTI
      and thus the type 'as_nas_info_t' is not defined, and then
      the compilation fails.
      The simple fix is to include 'as_message.h' in
      'openair2/RRC/LITE/defs.h' if ENABLE_ITTI is not
      defined. Maybe it's not good. RRH GW compiles with this fix.
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      fix duplicated definition of boolean_t · 669aa1fb
      Cedric Roux authored
      It is defined both in openair2/COMMON/commonDef.h and
      Removing one or the other definition creates many problems
      when compiling this or that part of the system (ue_ip.ko,
      at_nas_ue). Let's keep both and protect the definitions
      inside #ifdefs.
  6. 11 Jan, 2017 1 commit
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      fix LOG_X macros · f2f32f53
      Cedric Roux authored
      Some of them might not be correctly handled.
      I put /* TODO: XXX */ where I didn't know if
      the fix was correct.
  7. 10 Jan, 2017 1 commit
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      add format indicator to get LOG_X warnings · cb67d586
      Cedric Roux authored
      The LOG_X macros emit a lot of warnings when compiling with the T
      because they call the function logRecord (or logRecord_mt)
      which has not been "marked" as calling printf, so gcc won't
      emit typical printf warnings.
      With the T, they directly translate to sprintf, so those warnings
      pop up, much more verbose due to several macro expansions.
      Let's make them pop up all the time so it's easier to fix them.
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