1. 05 Apr, 2018 1 commit
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      integration fix: fix license version to 1.1 · 92bb82eb
      Cedric Roux authored
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      hack: try to avoid "buffer full" problem when pushing DL traffic · 71e7f971
      Cedric Roux authored
      This is hack-level development.
      With this commit you can do UDP DL traffic of say 100Mb/s over
      a 5MHz link with one connected UE and the eNB should not crash
      because of memory exhaustion. Of course on the receiver side
      you won't get 100Mb/s and many many lost packets. But the system
      should not crash. 1Gb/s does not work. So in any case try to
      remain within some reasonable limits. There is no reason to
      push more than twice the maximum achievable throughput of
      the link.
      This work is based on a patch proposed by Francesco Gringoli.
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  8. 15 Jan, 2018 3 commits
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      Fix NFAPI integration · 922b5b59
      Cedric Roux authored
      This commit fixes issues introduced by the previous commit.
      Summary of work:
      - cleanup:
        - fix LOG_XX to be less verbose
        - fix cmake_targets/CMakeLists.txt
        - fix oaienv
        - remove dead code
      - bug fixes:
        - in openair1/SCHED/fapi_l1.c we had:
            eNB->pdcch_vars[subframe&1].num_dci           = number_dci;
          should be:
            eNB->pdcch_vars[subframe&1].num_dci           = 0;
          This bug let the PHY send more DCIs than what should have been
          sent because num_dci is incremented later on in the code.
          This fix may be a problem for fapi mode, to be checked.
        - add new T VCD traces
        - revert openair1/PHY/TOOLS/file_output.c to 'develop' version
        - remove thread_id in logRecord/logRecord_mt
        - revert (and adapt) configuration files
        - be careful when doing frame++, we need to % 1024
        - revert target_rx_power in openair2/LAYER2/MAC/eNB_scheduler_ulsch.c
      - NFAPI:
        - the open-nFAPI code has been included in the repository. See nfapi/README.
          Maybe we should "git clone" the Cisco repository instead. We have to be
          careful of availability though.
      What has been tested:
      - monolithic eNB FDD 5/10MHz with one UE, iperf UDP/TCP uplink/downlink
      Anything else may fail to work, especially the FAPI mode, which has not
      been tested at all.
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      import NFAPI work from David Price from Cisco (non-working commit, do not use it) · 7757b9e7
      Cedric Roux authored
      It has been chosen to not include the full history of commits
      from David. He included a binary version of wireshark, probably
      a modified one that understands NFAPI. Wireshark is released under
      the GPL license, we cannot include it in the repository. We could
      have done a next commit to remove this binary. But then it would
      still be present in the history of commits, which may not be allowed.
      And it would take space on disk. We could edit the history to remove
      wireshark entirely. But this operation is too complicated.
      There was also a pcap capture file, which has nothing to do in
      the history of commits and would take space on disk. There again,
      it's too difficult to edit the history to remove it.
      There was a file .gitignore that was also removed.
      The original history can be found on David's repository:
      The branch is: nfapi-ru-rau-split.
      A copy of that branch has been included in the internal OAI
      repository, for those who have access to it.
      The branch is the same. The last commit ID is
      You can compare the current commit with the commit 9106...
      to see what differs.
      The current commit has to be considered non-working.
      The commit following the current commit will fix problems with
      the work in the current commit.
      If you use git bisect, don't spend time analyzing the current
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  13. 27 Oct, 2017 6 commits
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      T: minor: close socket · 4d1705e3
      Cedric Roux authored
      Sometimes when the user does ctrl+c to quit, it may not quit
      if nothing comes on the socket. Closing the socket in the
      signal handler fixes this.
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      T: cleanup · faae3c8c
      Cedric Roux authored
      Do not link the X stuff for tracers not needing it.
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      T tracer: add a tracer to dump to VCD file · 7e7fd3c4
      Cedric Roux authored
      Later on, use this file with gtkwave.
      To be used to check realtime behaviour of the system.
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      T: minor update of .gitignore · 2beac6fe
      Cedric Roux authored
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      T: add extract_output_subframe · 8dd3a2bd
      Cedric Roux authored
      This tracer extracts output subframes generated by the eNodeB,
      so they can be analyzed with some external tools.
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      T: add a tracer: extract · 6322010e
      Cedric Roux authored
      This tracer extracts the content of a buffer field of an event
      that was previously saved using the tracer 'record'.
      For example, to extract the channel estimation done in
      frame 924 and subframe 2 as saved in the file input_record.raw
      and to store it in the file output.raw, do:
      ./extract -d ../T_messages.txt -o output.raw input_record.raw ENB_PHY_UL_CHANNEL_ESTIMATE chest_t -f frame 924 -f subframe 2
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      T tracer: improve a bit enb tracer · 2516216d
      Cedric Roux authored
      - UE_id 0 is for rnti 65535 (sib)
      - UE_id 1 is for rnti 65534 (this is a hack)
      - UE_id 2 is for rnti 2     (RA RNTI as of today's code/config)
      - we start enb by displaying UE_id 3
      - there was a bug: we need to lock when resetting UE ids (reset_ue_ids)
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