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    hotfix: hardcode PLMN selection in the UE to value 1 (was 2) · 27395c08
    Cedric Roux authored
    Fix the assertion:
    Assertion ((instance_p->mnc_digit_length[ue_desc_p->selected_plmn_identity] == 3) || (instance_p->mnc_digit_length[ue_desc_p->selected_plmn_identity] == 2)) failed!
    In s1ap_eNB_handle_nas_first_req() /home/ubuntu/tmp/openair3/S1AP/s1ap_eNB_nas_procedures.c:243
    With this hotfix the UE selects the first PLMN sent by the eNodeB.
    The UE has to select the correct PLMN from those received in SIB1. This
    will be done with a later merge request.
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