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    ULSCH decoding functionality at gNB side · 9947a6bc
    Ahmed authored
    Added the following structs and enums in "defs_gNB.h"
    - NR_UL_gNB_HARQ_t
    - NR_gNB_ULSCH_t
    - NR_SCH_status_t
    added the following structs in "nfapi_nr_interface.h"
    - nfapi_nr_ul_config_ulsch_pdu
    - nfapi_nr_ul_config_ulsch_pdu_rel15_t
    - nfapi_nr_ul_srs_config_t
    - nr_pusch_freq_hopping_t
    added nr_ulsch.h for the ulsch decoding function declarations
    - free_gNB_ulsch
    - new_gNB_ulsch
    - nr_ulsch_decoding
    added nr_ulsch_decoding.c for the implementation of the ulsch decoding functions
    - free_gNB_ulsch
    - new_gNB_ulsch
    - nr_ulsch_decoding
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