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    T: check consistency of T_messages.txt with VCD functions and variables traces · 55ba99ac
    Cedric Roux authored
    Since VCD has now to go through the T tracer, we enforce the consistency
    of data found in common/utils/LOG/vcd_signal_dumper.[ch] with data
    found in common/utils/T/T_messages.txt.
    We might get completely rid of common/utils/LOG/vcd_signal_dumper.[ch] at some
    point. For the moment, let's keep it.
    This commit adds the program common/utils/T/check_vcd.c and necessary
    modifications to enforce its use at compilation time.
    If you modify common/utils/LOG/vcd_signal_dumper.[ch] but do not update
    common/utils/T/T_messages.txt an error will pop up when you compile the
    software. You have to keep both modules synchronized.
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