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    basic simulator: initial release · 6cb04bb4
    Cedric Roux authored
    This commit introduces a 'basic simulator'.
    This basic simulator is made of:
    - the standard eNB code using a special driver that mimics the USRP driver
    - the standard UE code using a special driver that mimics the USRP driver
    - no channel simulation
    - some special code to deal with faster-than-realtime behaviour of this
      basic simulator
    It connects one UE to one eNB. It requires an EPC, populated with the
    correct configuration for the UE.
    This is the initial release and may contain bugs (most probably race
    conditions due to the faster-than-realtime behaviour).
    To use it, see the documentation at:
    It has been tested with 25, 50 and 100 RBs, FDD mode.
    (No check at all has been done to know if it could work in TDD mode.)
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