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    basic simulator: bugfix: wait for synch ready at the right time · 97ddf5ea
    Cedric Roux authored
    Before this commit we were checking for UE->is_synchronized == 0
    then we were waiting for a potentially active synch routine to
    finish and then we were starting the synch routine again but the
    synch routine that was running may have set UE->is_synchronized
    to 1. This was leading to various problems, most notably the following
    message repeated over and over in the UE log and the UE unable to
    connect properly:
        [RRC]  [UE 0] Frame 377: OUT OF SYNC FROM eNB 0 (T310 active 0 : T310 0, N310 345, N311 0)
    So let's wait for a potentially active synch routine to finish
    before anything else.
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