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    Fix NFAPI integration · 922b5b59
    Cedric Roux authored
    This commit fixes issues introduced by the previous commit.
    Summary of work:
    - cleanup:
      - fix LOG_XX to be less verbose
      - fix cmake_targets/CMakeLists.txt
      - fix oaienv
      - remove dead code
    - bug fixes:
      - in openair1/SCHED/fapi_l1.c we had:
          eNB->pdcch_vars[subframe&1].num_dci           = number_dci;
        should be:
          eNB->pdcch_vars[subframe&1].num_dci           = 0;
        This bug let the PHY send more DCIs than what should have been
        sent because num_dci is incremented later on in the code.
        This fix may be a problem for fapi mode, to be checked.
      - add new T VCD traces
      - revert openair1/PHY/TOOLS/file_output.c to 'develop' version
      - remove thread_id in logRecord/logRecord_mt
      - revert (and adapt) configuration files
      - be careful when doing frame++, we need to % 1024
      - revert target_rx_power in openair2/LAYER2/MAC/eNB_scheduler_ulsch.c
    - NFAPI:
      - the open-nFAPI code has been included in the repository. See nfapi/README.
        Maybe we should "git clone" the Cisco repository instead. We have to be
        careful of availability though.
    What has been tested:
    - monolithic eNB FDD 5/10MHz with one UE, iperf UDP/TCP uplink/downlink
    Anything else may fail to work, especially the FAPI mode, which has not
    been tested at all.
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