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    PHY: make sf_extension a parameter · ee5b7390
    Cedric Roux authored
    This parameter is meaningful in TDD, to decide
    when to start DL at eNB side. Since there is a
    need for the PA to be operational, we need to
    transmit a bit before the DL subframe coming
    after an UL subframe. (We transmit zeros.)
    We used to use N_TA_offset which may be too much.
    Default value is now N_TA_offset/2 and can be
    changed in the configuration file, in the RUs
    section, like:
    RUs = (
           local_rf       = "yes"
             nb_tx          = 1
             nb_rx          = 1
             att_tx         = 0
             att_rx         = 0;
             bands          = [7];
             max_pdschReferenceSignalPower = -27;
             max_rxgain                    = 105;
             eNB_instances  = [0];
             sf_extension = 312;
    N_TA_offset is 624 (for 30.72MHz). In the example
    above, we set sf_extension = 312, which is also
    the default.
    The value to put in the configuration file is for
    30.72MHz. The value is scaled accordingly at runtime
    (thus only one value to set for every RB configuration,
    25, 50 or 100, leading to less problems when adapting
    configuration files).
    This option is for experts and should not be changed
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