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- Target platform: Raspberry Pi 4, camera, speakers, proximity sensors (for option1), led lights (for option 2)
- Programming languages: Simulink, MATLAB
### Turn Game
- Semester: S5
- Proposer: Pasquale
- Description: Realise a game in which 2 different devices (the chosen platform) play one against the other in turn. The game rules can be chosen in order to maxise the number of involved skills. E.g. Tetris (in turn, collaborative or competitive) or Pong, driven by hand gestures. E.g.2 Pictionary, the answer require character/speech recognition
- Involved courses/skills/knowledges:
* BasicOS: modify the camera device driver to adapt it to the project
* IntroArchi: optimize the camera device driver with some assembly coding of performance-critical sections
* SoundProc: the sound changes according on how in danger/close to the solution you are in the game
* ImProc: image processing to detect and recognise the hand gesture
* ComProg: matching algorithm, programming
* IntroNet1: communication between the 2 devices
- Evaluation: subjective assessment by colleagues and professors (voting).
- Target platform: Raspberry Pi 4, camera, speakers, eventually mic
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