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......@@ -31,6 +31,9 @@ Preparation work for the new S5 & S6 student projects
* In this class we take an experimental approach to wireless digital communication. We will use a well-known software defined radio platform known as the USRP (universal software radio peripheral) to implement a simple digital wireless communication link.
- SoundProc
* UE 1e-S5-SIGN : Traitement son et musique, Massimiliano TODISCO, 27h
* The project covers the development of algorithms for the analysis, processing and synthesis of audio and music signals.
Students will become experienced with languages dedicated to digital audio processing, such as Pure Data. Raspberry can be used as a board for this purpose.
- ImProc
* UE 1e-S5-SIGN : Traitement d'images, Jean-Luc DUGELAY, 27h
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