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......@@ -101,5 +101,24 @@ Students will become experienced with languages dedicated to digital audio proce
- Target platform: Raspberry Pi 4, camera, stereo headphones
- Programming language(s): Simulink, MATLAB
### Audio and visual art
- Semester: S5
- Proposer: Max and Chiara
- Description:
* Option 1) Hand proximity recognition with proximity sensor to change volume (e.g. low volume to high volume). Hand gesture recognition, N classes = different gestures (determine sound characteristics).
* Option 2) There is a canvas (e.g. whiteboard) where adding objects or symbols changes the sound characteristics and the colour and intensity of the lights.
- Involved courses/skills/knowledges:
* BasicOS: modify the camera device driver to adapt it to the project
* IntroArchi: optimize the camera device driver with some assembly coding of performance-critical sections
* SoundProc: Placing symbols or objects on the canvas corresponds to selecting frequencies or sound characteristics.
* ImProc: image processing to detect the and recognize the symbols or objects on the canvas and their position on the canvas.
* ComProg: matching algorithm, complexity evaluation, programming
* T3E: analysis of environmental, social and ethical dimensions, suggestions of improvement, evaluation plans...
- Evaluation: subjective assessment by colleagues and professors (voting).
- Target platform: Raspberry Pi 4, camera, speakers, led lights (for option 2)
- Programming languages: Simulink, MATLAB
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