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......@@ -4,8 +4,14 @@ Preparation work for the new S5 & S6 student projects
## S5 courses
- IntroNet1
- IntroNet1 (S5) and IntroNet2 (S6)
* Introduction to networking and the internet protocols embracing a top-down approach.
* IntroNet1:
* Application protocols: HTTP, SMTP, FTP, DNS, Socket, TLS
* Transport protocols: TCP, UDP
* IntroNet2:
* Internet Protocols: IP and Routing.
* Link layer protocols (MAC layer): Ethernet, Wifi.
- IntroArchi
* Introduction à l'architecture des ordinateurs (Introduction to computer architecture), S5, Renaud Pacalet, 21 hours.
* The project has a software design and coding part in which a sub-part requires low-level assembly programming, either to access a resource (input-output, peripheral, processor internals...) that cannot be accessed from higher levels, or for pure performance reasons. Any target platform that can be programmed in assembly would probably be OK.
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