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add project proposal about colour-oriented audio description for visually impaired people

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## Project proposals
### Title
- Semester
- Proposer
- Description
### Colours recognition for visually impaired people
- Semester: S5
- Proposer: Renaud
- Description: Attach a camera to the platform, and use it to deliver colour-oriented audio description of scenes ("large dark red square patch in the bottom left, white diagonal stripe from top left to bottom right"...).
- Involved courses/skills/knowledges:
* BasicOS: modify the camera device driver to adapt it to the project
* IntroArchi: optimize the camera device driver with some assembly coding of performance-critical sections
* SoundProc: speech synthesis and speech recognition (to command the device with voice)
* ImProc: image processing (colours, edges, shapes...)
* ComProg: algorithms selection, complexity evaluation, programming
* T3E: analysis of environmental, social and ethical dimensions, suggestions of improvement, evaluation plans...
- Competition possible in the form of a poster presentation where solutions can be tested on, e.g., clothes description and graded by an "independent" jury
- Target platform: Raspberry Pi 4 with camera
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