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Add a test script that loads the Zoe scheduler

parent ef496b61
#!/usr/bin/env python3
Keep the Zoe scheduler loaded with BOINC clients.
Usage: <zapp_json_file>
import json
import os
import sys
import time
from zoe_lib.statistics import ZoeStatisticsAPI
from zoe_lib.executions import ZoeExecutionsAPI
def zoe_url():
"""Gets the API URL."""
return os.environ['ZOE_URL']
def zoe_user():
"""Gets the API user name."""
return os.environ['ZOE_USER']
def zoe_pass():
"""Gets the API password."""
return os.environ['ZOE_PASS']
def check_queue_length():
"""Checks how many zapps are in the scheduler queue."""
stats_api = ZoeStatisticsAPI(zoe_url(), zoe_user(), zoe_pass())
sched = stats_api.scheduler()
print('Scheduler queue length: {}'.format(sched['queue_length']))
return sched['queue_length']
def load_zapp(filename):
"""Loads and parses the ZApp json file."""
return json.load(open(filename, 'r'))
def submit_zapp(zapp):
"""Submits one ZApp for execution."""
exec_api = ZoeExecutionsAPI(zoe_url(), zoe_user(), zoe_pass())
ret = exec_api.start('boinc-loader', zapp)
print("Application scheduled successfully with ID {}, use the exec-get command to check its status".format(ret))
def main():
zapp = load_zapp(sys.argv[1])
queue_length = check_queue_length()
while queue_length < TARGET_QUEUE_LENGTH:
number_to_submit = TARGET_QUEUE_LENGTH - queue_length
print('Current queue length is {}, submitting {} new zapps'.format(queue_length, number_to_submit))
for i in range(number_to_submit):
print('Zoe scheduler target queue length reached, my work is done.')
if __name__ == "__main__":
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