Commit 3127c542 authored by Daniele Venzano's avatar Daniele Venzano
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Remove LDAP group options that are no longer used

parent a2a3196d
......@@ -85,10 +85,6 @@ def load_configuration(test_conf=None):
argparser.add_argument('--ldap-bind-user', help='Full LDAP user to use for binding', default='ou=something,dc=any,dc=local')
argparser.add_argument('--ldap-bind-password', help='Password for the bind user', default='mysecretpassword')
argparser.add_argument('--ldap-base-dn', help='LDAP base DN for users', default='ou=something,dc=any,dc=local')
argparser.add_argument('--ldap-admin-gid', help='LDAP group ID for admins', default='5000')
argparser.add_argument('--ldap-user-gid', help='LDAP group ID for users', default='5001')
argparser.add_argument('--ldap-guest-gid', help='LDAP group ID for guests', default='5002')
argparser.add_argument('--ldap-group-name', help='LDAP user field containing group names/IDs', default='gidNumber')
# Proxy options
argparser.add_argument('--proxy-path', help='Proxy base path', default='')
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