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......@@ -7,6 +7,14 @@ Zoe can be used from the command line or the web interface. For more complex tas
The API is provided by the zoe-api processes, on the same port of the web interface (5001 by default). Every URL of the API contains, after the hostname and port, the path ``/api/<api version>/``. This document describes API version 0.6.
In case the request causes an error, an appropriate HTTP status code is returned. The reply will also contain a JSON document in this format::
"message": "missing or wrong authentication information"
With an error message detailing the kind of error that happened.
Info endpoint
......@@ -34,14 +42,32 @@ Where:
Execution endpoint
r'/execution/([0-9]+)', ExecutionAPI, route_args),
tornado.web.url(API_PATH + r'/execution/delete/([0-9]+)', ExecutionDeleteAPI, route_args),
tornado.web.url(API_PATH + r'/execution', ExecutionCollectionAPI, route_args),
This endpoint requires authentication. It reports information about ZApp executions.
curl -u 'username:password' http://bf5:8080/api/0.6/execution/([0-9]+)
curl -u 'username:password' http://bf5:8080/api/0.6/execution/delete/([0-9]+)
curl -u 'username:password' http://bf5:8080/api/0.6/execution
Service endpoint
tornado.web.url(API_PATH + r'/service/([0-9]+)', ServiceAPI, route_args),
tornado.web.url(API_PATH + r'/service/logs/([0-9]+)', ServiceLogsAPI, route_args),
This endpoint requires authentication. It reports information about single services.
curl -u 'username:password' http://bf5:8080/api/0.6/service/([0-9]+)
curl -u 'username:password' http://bf5:8080/api/0.6/service/logs/([0-9]+)
Discovery endpoint
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