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......@@ -17,7 +17,8 @@
* Update unit and integration testing
* Elastic services that die are rescheduled on a new node
* Optional support for gathering usage metrics via KairosDB, for now these metrics are only used in the status page plots
* Fix UTC and timezone bugs for execution timestamps
* Fix UTC and timezone bugs for execution timestamps
* More configuration options for LDAP authentication
## Version 2017.09
......@@ -55,24 +55,35 @@ API options:
* ``listen-port`` : port Zoe will use to listen for incoming connections to the web interface
* ``master-url = tcp://`` : address of the Zoe Master ZeroMQ API
* ``cookie-secret = changeme``: secret used to encrypt cookies
* ``zapp-shop-path = /var/lib/zoe-apps`` : path to the directory containing the ZApp Shop files
Master options:
* ``api-listen-uri = tcp://*:4850`` : ZeroMQ server connection string, used for the master listening endpoint
* ``kairosdb-enable = false`` : Enable gathering of usage metrics recorded in KairosDB
* ``kairosdb-url = http://localhost:8090`` : URL of KairosDB REST API
* ``overlay-network-name = zoe`` : name of the pre-configured Docker overlay network Zoe should use (Swarm backend)
* ``max-core-limit = 16`` : maximum amount of cores a user is able to reserve
* ``max-memory-limit = 64`` : maximum amount of memory a user is able to reserve
* ``no-user-edit-limits-web = False`` : if set to true, users are NOT allowed to modify ZApp reservations via the web interface
* ``additional-volumes = <none>`` : list of additional volumes to mount in every service, for every ZApp (ex. /mnt/data:data,/mnt/data_n:data_n)
* ``auth-type = text`` : Authentication type (text, ldap or ldapsasl)
* ``auth-file = zoepass.csv`` : Path to the CSV file containing user,pass,role lines for text authentication
* ``ldap-server-uri = ldap://localhost`` : LDAP server to use for user authentication
* ``ldap-bind-user = ou=something,dc=any,dc=local`` : LDAP user for binding to the server
* ``ldap-bind-password = mysecretpassword`` : Password for the bind user
* ``ldap-base-dn = ou=something,dc=any,dc=local`` : LDAP base DN for users
* ``ldap-admin-gid = 5000`` : LDAP group ID for admins
* ``ldap-user-gid = 5001`` : LDAP group ID for users
* ``ldap-guest-gid = 5002`` : LDAP group ID for guests
* ``ldap-group-name = gidNumber`` : LDAP user attribute that contains the group names/IDs
Scheduler options:
* ``scheduler-class = <ZoeSimpleScheduler | ZoeElasticScheduler>`` : Scheduler class to use for scheduling ZApps (default: simple scheduler)
* ``scheduler-class = <ZoeSimpleScheduler | ZoeElasticScheduler>`` : Scheduler class to use for scheduling ZApps (default: elastic scheduler)
* ``scheduler-policy = <FIFO | SIZE>`` : Scheduler policy to use for scheduling ZApps (default: FIFO)
Default options for the scheduler enable the traditional Zoe scheduler that was already available in the previous releases.
......@@ -81,23 +92,26 @@ ZApp shop:
* ``zapp-shop-path = /var/lib/zoe-apps`` : Path where ZApp folders are stored
Backend choice:
Back-end choice:
* ``backend = <Swarm|Kubernetes>`` : cluster back-end to use to run ZApps
* ``backend = <DockerEngine|Swarm|Kubernetes>`` : cluster back-end to use to run ZApps, default is DockerEngine
Swarm backend options:
Swarm back-end options:
* ``backend-swarm-url = zk://zk1:2181,zk2:2181,zk3:2181`` : connection string to the Swarm API endpoint. Can be expressed by a plain http URL or as a zookeeper node list in case Swarm is configured for HA.
* ``backend-swarm-zk-path = /docker`` : ZooKeeper path used by Docker Swarm
* ``backend-swarm-tls-cert = cert.pem`` : Docker TLS certificate file
* ``backend-swarm-tls-key = key.pem`` : Docker TLS private key file
* ``backend-swarm-tls-ca = ca.pem`` : Docker TLS CA certificate file
* ``overlay-network-name = zoe`` : name of the pre-configured Docker overlay network Zoe should use (Swarm backend)
Kubernetes backend:
Kubernetes back-end:
* ``kube-config-file = /opt/zoe/kube.conf`` : the configuration file of Kubernetes cluster that zoe works with. Specified if ``backend`` is ``Kubernetes``.
DockerEngine back-end:
* ``backend-docker-config-file = docker.conf`` : name of the DockerEngine back-end configuration file
Proxy options:
By default proxy support is disabled. To configure it refer to the :ref:`proxy documentation <proxy>`.
......@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ def load_configuration(test_conf=None):
argparser.add_argument('--scheduler-class', help='Scheduler class to use for scheduling ZApps', choices=['ZoeSimpleScheduler', 'ZoeElasticScheduler'], default='ZoeSimpleScheduler')
argparser.add_argument('--scheduler-policy', help='Scheduler policy to use for scheduling ZApps', choices=['FIFO', 'SIZE'], default='FIFO')
argparser.add_argument('--backend', choices=['Swarm', 'Kubernetes', 'DockerEngine'], default='Swarm', help='Which backend to enable')
argparser.add_argument('--backend', choices=['Swarm', 'Kubernetes', 'DockerEngine'], default='DockerEngine', help='Which backend to enable')
# Docker Swarm backend options
argparser.add_argument('--backend-swarm-url', help='Swarm/Docker API endpoint (ex.: zk://zk1:2181,zk2:2181 or http://swarm:2380)', default='http://localhost:2375')
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