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- On **Administration**, go to **My Account**, then **Security**
- Generate Tokens, copy this and paste to **server authentication token** on Jenkins configuration
- The project needs to provides **sonar-properties** file in the repo:
# Execute Shell Script
Script to execute ci in zoe-kpmg branch i34-t7.4.1
# Build new container images
python3 ci/ 1 tcp://$BUILD_ID
# Deploy new zoe with the above images for testing
python3 ci/ 0 tcp:// ci/docker-compose-test.yml$BUILD_ID
# Run integration test
cd tests
coverage run -p
coverage run -p
coverage combine
coverage xml
cd ..
# Rebuild new frontend
cd zoe_fe
ng build --env=prod --output-path=build/prod/
cd ..
cp -r zoe_fe/build/prod .
tar -cvf prod.tar prod
# Push the built images above to local registry
python3 ci/ 2 tcp://$BUILD_ID
# Redeploy zoe with new images
python3 ci/ 0 tcp:// ci/docker-compose-prod.yml$BUILD_ID
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