Commit 39f88540 authored by Daniele Venzano's avatar Daniele Venzano

Clarify which endpoint can be used to troubleshoot a Zoe deployment.

parent f16c6073
......@@ -208,3 +208,5 @@ Currently this is the recommended procedure, once the initial Swarm setup has be
3. Create new configuration files for the master and the api processes (:ref:`config_file`), you will need also access to a postgres database
4. Setup supervisor to manage Zoe processes: in the ``scripts/supervisor/`` directory you can find the configuration file for supervisor. You need to modify the paths to point to where you cloned Zoe and the user (Zoe does not need special privileges).
5. Start running ZApps!
In case of troubles, check the logs for errors. Zoe basic functionality can be tested via the `` stats`` command. It will query the ``zoe-api`` process, that in turn will query the ``zoe-master`` process.
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