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    Elena Lukashova authored
    1. Fixing a bug in dlsch_channel_level_TM56.
    avg128D = _mm_setzero_si128() must be done inside the rx_antennas loop and not before
    2. Cleaning up code in dlsch_demodulation.c
    3. Offsets for TM5 and TM6 still must be validated.
    4. Right now IA and I-UA receivers for TM4 have the same offset -
    validate if any additional penalty/gain is needed.
    5. Shortened file names in dlsim.c since matlab can read only 63-characters file names.
    6. Tested: TM4 U2 -gS perfect CE works fine for EESM and MIESM abstraction (MCS 4 MSE= 0.007 dB on both streams).