Commit 8d057b80 authored by Rohit Gupta's avatar Rohit Gupta
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add helper for three quarter sampling for 20 MHz

parent 857af540
......@@ -401,6 +401,7 @@ void help (void) {
printf(" -W Enable L2 wireshark messages on localhost \n");
printf(" -V Enable VCD (generated file will be located atopenair_dump_eNB.vcd, read it with target/RT/USER/eNB.gtkw\n");
printf(" -x Set the transmission mode, valid options: 1 \n");
printf(" -E Apply three-quarter of sampling frequency, 23.04 Msps to reduce the data rate on USB/PCIe transfers (only valid for 20 MHz)\n");
printf(" --T_port [port] use given port\n");
printf(" --T_nowait don't wait for tracer, start immediately\n");
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