Commit 8d7c06b1 authored by Cedric Roux's avatar Cedric Roux
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cleanup: setting status to ACTIVE is done below

Don't do it twice.
The logic is: if ndi changed or it's a first tx then round=0
and later: if round==0 then status=ACTIVE
parent 4d8e4110
......@@ -4703,7 +4703,6 @@ int generate_ue_dlsch_params_from_dci(int frame,
(dlsch0_harq->first_tx==1)) {
// printf("Rate: setting round to zero (ndi %d, DCINdi %d,first_tx %d)\n",ndi,dlsch0_harq->DCINdi,dlsch0_harq->first_tx);
dlsch0_harq->status = ACTIVE;
dlsch0_harq->DCINdi = ndi;
dlsch[0]->harq_ack[subframe].send_harq_status = 1;
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