Commit 9d813056 authored by Guy De Souza's avatar Guy De Souza
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DMRS malloc fix

parent eb7fe108
......@@ -123,10 +123,14 @@ int phy_init_nr_gNB(PHY_VARS_gNB *gNB,
nr_polar_init(&fp->pbch_polar_params, 1);
pdcch_dmrs = (uint32_t ***)malloc16(fp->slots_per_frame*sizeof(uint32_t**));
AssertFatal(pdcch_dmrs!=NULL, "NR init: pdcch_dmrs malloc failed\n");
for (int slot=0; slot<fp->slots_per_frame; slot++) {
pdcch_dmrs[slot] = (uint32_t **)malloc16(fp->symbols_per_slot);
for (int symb=0; symb<fp->symbols_per_slot; symb++)
pdcch_dmrs[slot][symb] = (uint32_t *)malloc16(NR_MAX_PDCCH_DMRS_LENGTH_DWORD);
pdcch_dmrs[slot] = (uint32_t **)malloc16(fp->symbols_per_slot*sizeof(uint32_t*));
AssertFatal(pdcch_dmrs[slot]!=NULL, "NR init: pdcch_dmrs for slot %d - malloc failed\n", slot);
for (int symb=0; symb<fp->symbols_per_slot; symb++){
pdcch_dmrs[slot][symb] = (uint32_t *)malloc16(NR_MAX_PDCCH_DMRS_LENGTH_DWORD*sizeof(uint32_t));
AssertFatal(pdcch_dmrs[slot][symb]!=NULL, "NR init: pdcch_dmrs for slot %d symbol %d - malloc failed\n", slot, symb);
nr_init_pdcch_dmrs(gNB, cfg->sch_config.physical_cell_id.value);
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