Commit eb029cb8 authored by FredericLeroy's avatar FredericLeroy
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build_helper: use official bladerf packages

bladerf ppa don't publish packages for Ubuntu 16.04.
There are official packages for bladerf so we use these.
parent ccddb785
......@@ -231,8 +231,10 @@ install_usrp_uhd_driver() {
if [ "$(get_distribution_release)" == "Ubuntu14.04" ] ; then
$SUDO add-apt-repository -y ppa:bladerf/bladerf
$SUDO apt-get update
$SUDO apt-get install -y bladerf libbladerf-dev
$SUDO apt-get install -y bladerf-firmware-fx3
$SUDO apt-get install -y bladerf-fpga-hostedx40
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