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      Merge branch 'T' into 'develop' · ba997a2b
      Rohit Gupta authored
      I did some compilation tests using `./build_oai -s --run-group "0101*"`, all was fine.
      I ran `lte-softmodem` with the sequans and let it run for a while with both
      uplink and downlink UDP low throughput traffic, all was fine.
      I ran some TCP tests, downlink 14 Mb/s (because the sequans does not report
      a CQI of 15 but 14 maximum, so we don't go to maximum MCS, so 14 Mb/s instead
      of 16) with a very clean radio (almost no error in the HARQ processes).
      For uplink things are not so clean, it starts at 6 Mb/s and after a while goes
      down to 2/3 Mbit/s. Lot's of errors in the HARQ processes, mostly uplink but
      also downlink.
      This is a both with and without T activated.
      So to me it's fine.
      The T tracer is a debugging tool. When it's not enabled,
      it has zero impact on the processing. I think we need to
      do very little tests before merging. I'll let you decide
      but to me it's okay!
      See merge request !36
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