1. 15 Jun, 2016 1 commit
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      build_helper: tell where the log will be written in compilations() · 51b5fcd4
      FredericLeroy authored
      build_helper exits early on error. compilations() tells where the
      compilation logs can be found after compiling it. So in case of error, it
      was never displayed.
      Add a log info before compiling
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      build_oai: exit early on error · 34801af9
      FredericLeroy authored
      There are a lot of case where the build scripts fails. Despite this, the
      build script happily continue to the end and tells "Successfully built
      This fix ensure the build stops early with the first error message on the
      bottom of the log.
  3. 13 Jun, 2016 2 commits
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      Merge branch 'T' into 'develop' · ba997a2b
      Rohit Gupta authored
      I did some compilation tests using `./build_oai -s --run-group "0101*"`, all was fine.
      I ran `lte-softmodem` with the sequans and let it run for a while with both
      uplink and downlink UDP low throughput traffic, all was fine.
      I ran some TCP tests, downlink 14 Mb/s (because the sequans does not report
      a CQI of 15 but 14 maximum, so we don't go to maximum MCS, so 14 Mb/s instead
      of 16) with a very clean radio (almost no error in the HARQ processes).
      For uplink things are not so clean, it starts at 6 Mb/s and after a while goes
      down to 2/3 Mbit/s. Lot's of errors in the HARQ processes, mostly uplink but
      also downlink.
      This is a both with and without T activated.
      So to me it's fine.
      The T tracer is a debugging tool. When it's not enabled,
      it has zero impact on the processing. I think we need to
      do very little tests before merging. I'll let you decide
      but to me it's okay!
      See merge request !36
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