Authored by Abigail

IT Security Operations Engineer

IT security risks have grown as the digital economy has grown. As an IT security operations engineer you will plan, update and maintain the security measures, defenses, and counteractions to stop and avoid internal and external occurrences on computer systems.

As a security operations engineer, the security-service range should be followed on the day in and out.

Usually, they lead the case response work, ensuring that different occurrences are focused to completion and that the correct resources are brought into line to provide the total quality of the company’s security response system.

IT Security Operations Engineer Job Description:

To manage penetration testing of both applications and infrastructure
To perform susceptibility scans and manage the resolution of threats
To assess Software as a Service (SaaS) products for security compliance
To manage security applications, such as GDPR
To conduct periodic user access control verifications
To develop and maintain security monitoring, logging and auditing
To install required security patches and updates for a wide range of applications.
To monitor system security relating to resiliency, malware intrusion, and patching
To assess technical controls and identify areas of improvement
To serve as technical security leads for large complex projects that involve cross-functional teams
To conduct systems testing to ensure that critical vulnerabilities become identified
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