Commit b80ce351 authored by Gabriel's avatar Gabriel

BSR and MAC UL encoding fixes

parent 710a2465
......@@ -959,9 +959,9 @@ typedef struct {
/// buffer status for each lcgid
uint8_t BSR[MAX_NUM_LCGID]; // should be more for mesh topology
/// keep the number of bytes in rlc buffer for each lcgid
uint16_t BSR_bytes[MAX_NUM_LCGID];
int32_t BSR_bytes[MAX_NUM_LCGID];
/// after multiplexing buffer remain for each lcid
uint16_t LCID_buffer_remain[MAX_NUM_LCID];
int32_t LCID_buffer_remain[MAX_NUM_LCID];
/// sum of all lcid buffer size
uint16_t All_lcid_buffer_size_lastTTI;
/// buffer status for each lcid
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