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    TBS fix at UE side + minor restructuring in "phy_procedures_nrUE_TX" · 0e78faa7
    Ahmed Hussein authored and Thomas Schlichter's avatar Thomas Schlichter committed
    - TBS calculation was performed 2 times. Once in "phy_procedures_nrUE_TX" and
      another in "nr_ue_ulsch_procedures". The TBS calculation was wrong in "phy_procedures_nrUE_TX"
      and correct in "nr_ue_ulsch_procedures".
    - The data generation was performed in "phy_procedures_nrUE_TX" with a wrongly
      calculated TBS because "ulsch_ue->nb_re_dmrs" wasn't set to a value, so the calculated
      TBS would be more than it should be. This doesn't create a problem in the test because
      the comparison between the TX and RX data is made using the correctly calculated TBS
      which is smaller.
    - Solution was to perform data generation in "nr_ue_ulsch_procedures", and remove TBS calculation
      in "phy_procedures_nrUE_TX"